Replacing infrastructure future-proof

BNA Beste gebouw van het jaar 2016

‘Many Dutch infrastructure works are closing in on the end of their lifetime. We, in the Netherlands, are facing a big replacement challenge’, says Marcel Hertogh, managing partner at Triple Bridge, professor at the Technical University of Delft and top advisor of Rijkswaterstaat. ‘Will it be to demolish, to preserve or to renew? The main question therefore is: What are the standards for our future infrastructure and which demands do we pose upon it?’


Besides the familiar demands on performance sustainability becomes increasingly important. But what does sustainability exactly mean? Marcel: ‘Sustainability is often narrowed down to two elements: zero energy and circular building, that is to say the smart usage of energy, resources and materials. These are the hard factors of sustainability. Very important. But in the end it is about people, planet, profit on the whole. So it’s also about the surroundings and the people involved in the project. Do people enjoy for example a tunnel or bridge?

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Read in Lichtkogel 2016-2 [in Dutch] how Marcel argues that adaptive designing – making space for future adaptations – is of great importance.