Project and process management

By deploying the most suitable people and forming new types of collaborations, Triple Bridge creates lasting solutions for complex projects. We ensure the realisation of goals within the frames of the project, while considering the life cycle of networks, systems and installations.

Electric Power Transmissions

Nicolien Vrisou van Eck has been deployed as Project Leader Process Control at TenneT in the cluster Southwest 380 kV since early Continue reading

Metro Riyadh

FAST, an international consortium – in which Strukton is a participant, amongst others – is currently realising three new metr Continue reading

The Central Axis

The Central Axis is a project that concerns the construction of a two-lane highway from Dokkum to Nijega, area development include Continue reading

Environmental remediation

In 2006, the province of Overijssel commenced with the environmental remediation of the industrial terrain of the former asphalt f Continue reading

Strategic Advisor Rijkswaterstaat

Since the end of 2013, Marcel Hertogh has been active as Strategic Advisor Realisation at Rijkswaterstaat (‘RWS’) for one day Continue reading

Project management solar installation

The roof and parking deck of the former office of the Central Statistical Office in Heerlen will be paved with solar panels. Rooft Continue reading

Residual steam network

Several companies situated in an industrial and harbour area in The Netherlands have a demand for steam. There are also companies Continue reading

ESCo solar energy

Energy Service Company Rooftop Energy installs solar panels on top of schools and offices. Rooftop Energy wants to contribute in a Continue reading