PPP game tested

PPS game test Triple Bridge Mirjam Cauvern Jeroen Rijke Rijkswaterstaat

The PPP game goes international! Commisioned by the ministry of Infrastructure and Environment Triple Bridge has run the final test before the serious game is introduced to among others, the World Bank.

The game is intended to make project teams and management of public and private parties aware of the implications that a DBFMO contract could have during the control phase.

The game starts with the delivery of a road that has been realised through a DBFMO contract. Then the two teams (the contracting authority and the private consortium) have to deal with a number of events that can occur during the control phase of 25 years. The teams face for example scope changes, innovation and major unforeseen events.

The PPP game is an obligatory part of DBFMO projects of Rijkswaterstaat. Since 2007 the game has been played over 800 times by public and private parties. The World Bank asked the Dutch company PPPgroupe to prepare the game for transition countries such as Brasil, Kazachstan and Vietnam.

For more information, please contact Jeroen Rijke.