Opportunity framing

Opportunity framing Marcel Hertogh, Jeroen Rijke en Hans Bakker.

‘Opportunity framing’ is an approach in which the scope of projects is defined anew to increase the chance of project success.
The approach leads to more societal value of infrastructure projects.
It is, however, not always easy to apply opportunity framing.

Common issues are:

  • Possible better alternatives can be excluded when projects are directed too early on specific options;
  • The windows of opportunity for effectively adding scope to running projects are relatively small; and
  • Leadership and shared commitment are necessary to adjust the scope of projects.

To enjoy chances for extra societal value with opportunity framing, an area-centred approach is advised, that fits the context of the environment. It is important that this approach is based on a shared ambition of the parties concerned.

Read prof. dr. ir. Marcel Hertogh’s, dr. ir. Jeroen Rijke’s en prof. dr. Hans Bakker’s article published in Cost and Value here.