Agreement client and contractor about the additional costs of Ring Zuid Groningen

On the 6th of July 2020, the client and contractor announced that they have reached an agreement about the additional costs of Ring Zuid Groningen. In August 2019, the client ‘Aanpak Ring Zuid’ (ARZ) and the contractor CHP established a commission of experts (Taskforce Finances) which was ... Continue reading

Mediation Zuidasdok

In a letter at the half year annual rapport about the Zuidasdok (period January 2019 until June 2019) the directors of the project announced the sequel of the project Zuidasdok. Prof. Marcel Hertogh will continue the conversations between Zuidasdok and the contractors’ combination ZuidPlus. In addition Sybillia ... Continue reading

COB congress Gaasperdammertunnel

The COB-congress on 20 September was hold in a spectacular way at the Gaasperdammertunnel, which is under construction. Marcel Hertogh gave a speech about his experiences using some statements from Johan Cruijff. Also on this day, the 2nd part of the Knowledge project Gaasperdammertunnel was presented, in which ... Continue reading


In 2016 the redesign of the control software started in order to make the ICT control system of the Maeslantkering more reliable. Recently the recalibration of the project approach of Rijkswaterstaat, which featured the changes of the control system, was evaluated by the independent advisory commission Storm Surge ... Continue reading

Ring Road South Groningen

On the 18th of September Aanpak Ring Zuid and Combinatie Herepoort announced that they would set up a joint commission led by prof. dr. ir. M.J.C.M. Hertogh. The commission was assigned the task to give advice about how Aanpak Ring Zuid and Combinatie Heerepoort could deal the best ... Continue reading

Infra-event Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture

This year Leeuwarden is the European Capital of Culture In the week of 1 until 5 October different activities will take place in the field of infrastructural and spatial development. This week Mirjam Cauvern and Marcel Hertogh will attend some of these meetings to give lectures, visit ... Continue reading

Presentation part 1: Kennis project Gaasperdammertunnel at the TU Delft Bouwcampus.

Today at the COB-café at the Bouwcampus the first part of the knowledge project of the Gaasperdammertunnel was handed over to Hélène Moors, project director of the Blankbenburgtunnel, and to Hylke van Lieshout, integration manager ZuidPlus. At the opening Marcel Hertogh interviewed both project directors. Part 1 ... Continue reading

Evaluation Zuidasdok

On the 20th of June 2017, the symposion ‘Alleen doen is geen optie’ organised by Neerlands Diep. Part of the symposium, was the evaluation of the tender of the Zuidasdok. The focus of the evaluation was on the tender fase, specifically from announcement until award with attention to ... Continue reading

Annual report AKEF published

AKEF logo The Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund is a revolving fund of 45 million euros. It finances projects that induce a demonstrably significant CO2-reduction. Because of the positive results of 2016 the capital of the fund has increased. In the annual report of 2016  the projects in ... Continue reading

My City in Motion

The symposium My City in Motion took place on May 11th. The symposium is part of the program Smart and Healthy City, organised by the Ministry of I&M (Ministry of Infrastructure and Mobility). Within this program, six pilot cities each carry out pilots based on their own ... Continue reading

Aging of infrastructure

Bridges, viaducts and sluices age in three ways: in technical sense, when they reach the end of their service lives; in economic sense, when the maintenance costs become too high; and finally in functional sense, when they are overloaded. Aging also applies to the workforce in the ... Continue reading

Replacement infrastructure

Marcel Hertogh is guest editor in chief of the newsletter ‘Replacement Infrastructure’ of Verkeerskunde. Marcel: “The replacement task has many facets. The coming decades, many roads and artworks will come to the end of their lifespan. It is a comprehensive and costly task. At the same time, ... Continue reading

Replacing infrastructure future-proof

BNA Beste gebouw van het jaar 2016 ‘Many Dutch infrastructure works are closing in on the end of their lifetime. We, in the Netherlands, are facing a big replacement challenge’, says Marcel Hertogh, managing partner at Triple Bridge, professor at the Technical University of Delft and top advisor of Rijkswaterstaat. ‘Will it be to demolish, ... Continue reading

Administrative alliances work

allianties Alliances between governmental organisations are on the rise as a response to growing social issues which involve multiple parties. One realises that only through intensive cooperation these issues can be tackled satisfactorily and maximum success can be obtained. In the article ‘De bestuurlijke alliantie als middel voor maatschappelijke waardecreatie’ Marcel Hertogh, Jeroen Rijke ... Continue reading

Increasing the succes rate of steam networks

Stoomnet In New York, no one thinks rising steam from the pavement is odd. However, it is a waste of energy. In the Netherlands we strive to decrease this loss of energy by the construction of environmentally friendly steam networks. The government has declared the realisation of projects ... Continue reading

Opportunity framing

Opportunity framing Marcel Hertogh, Jeroen Rijke en Hans Bakker. ‘Opportunity framing’ is an approach in which the scope of projects is defined anew to increase the chance of project success. The approach leads to more societal value of infrastructure projects. It is, however, not always easy to apply opportunity framing. Common issues are: Possible better alternatives ... Continue reading

Entrepreneurs, make the first move!

Raymond Steenvoorden Triple Bridge Parool Raymond van Steenvoorden argues in the newspaper Het Parool that politics and entrepreneurs should get along with each other better in the transition to renewable energy. As a everyone is aware an agreement in Paris has been reached in which objectives have been set in the race ... Continue reading

Knowledge project Gaasperdammertunnel

Today at the annual COB congress the partners of the complex inner city project A9 Gaasperdammertunnel, Rijkswaterstaat and the contractor combination IXAS announced a joint knowledge project. For this both partners, Centrum Ondergonds Bouwen and Marcel Hertogh (Triple-Bridge), were asked to realize a plan to accompany this ... Continue reading

How large projects can succeed

Marcel Hertogh Triple Bridge centraal Station Rotterdam Financieel Dagblad On time and within the budget: it is not very often that there is positive news on a big infrastructure project. Yet the completion of the renovated Central Station of Rotterdam was reason for pride amongst Dutch engineers. The remarkable station finished earlier than planned, cost no ... Continue reading

PPP game tested

PPS game test Triple Bridge Mirjam Cauvern Jeroen Rijke Rijkswaterstaat The PPP game goes international! Commisioned by the ministry of Infrastructure and Environment Triple Bridge has run the final test before the serious game is introduced to among others, the World Bank. The game is intended to make project teams and management of public and private parties ... Continue reading

Elizabet de Graaf has started

Elizabet de Graaf Elizabet de Graaf has started for Triple Bridge as of the 1th of October. Elizabet is an experienced project manager in the infrastructure sector. She gained a broad experience in managing railway projects during the elaborative period of planning when working for the province of Groningen, herein cooperating with ... Continue reading

Findings cost management dike enforcement projects

HWBP-2 At this moment the preparation phase of most of the projects from the Tweede Hoogwaterbeschermingsprogramma (HWBP-2) has been finished. However, recently the size of the preparation costs turned out to be more than estimated, in relative sense as well as absolute sense. Triple Bridge has identified lessons ... Continue reading

Michiel de Ruijter tunnel opened

Michiel de Ruijtertunnel The Michiel de Ruijter tunnel, situated on the IJ-side of Amsterdam Central station, opened on July the 13th 2015. The new four lane tunnel runs underneath the bus station, parallel to the IJ. Thanks to the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel the quay behind Amsterdam Central station is ... Continue reading

Evaluation Sluiskiltunnel

During a symposium, on Tuesday the 23rd of June 2015, knowledge and experience on the construction of the Sluiskiltunnel have been presented. A month before this the tunnel opened, this was over five weeks earlier than originally planned. Furthermore, the project has been fully realised within budget. ... Continue reading

Participant COB

Recently Triple Bridge became a participant in the COB, the Centrum Ondergronds Bouwen. The COB is a network organisation aimed at the collection, development and the opening up of knowledge of underground use of space. The COB works in four areas: tunnels and excavation, cables and pipes, ... Continue reading

Wind park Krammer

Niels de Fijter As of the first of May Triple Bridge partner Niels de Fijter is employed as financial manager for Windpark Krammer BV. Upon the initiative of almost 3.500 members of the cooperations Zeeuwind and Deltawind a wind farm will be developed up and around the Krammersluizen. 70.000 households ... Continue reading

New convenant ground and soil

A historical milestone is in sight: around 2020 there will be no more locations where ground pollution leads to unacceptable risks. With this intention the new convenant on soil has been signed on the 17th of March. The convenant mentions agreements between the state, provinces, municipalities and ... Continue reading

Niels de Fijter joins Triple Bridge

Triple Bridge welcomes Niels de Fijter in the office. Niels is a specialist in the field of project finances. He spend 19 years working in the banking sector, of which the last eight years for Rabobank. Over the time he has used his experience increasingly for projects ... Continue reading

A road must also be beautiful

Marcel Hertogh is more and more convinced that the ‘soft’ sides of his profession, the social aspect, can have an encouraging instead of an interfering effect on the technical part. ‘Projects must be technically right. That is very difficult and we must be good at it. However, ... Continue reading

Study PPP Flanders

The Flemish centre for PPP has commissioned Triple Bridge to evaluate the condition of knowledge, processes, instruments and formats around PPP inside and outside of Flanders. The study will result in a proposal for improvement of existing instruments, processes and formats. Besides that Triple Bridge will do a proposal ... Continue reading

Opening of the Frisian greenfund

The Fûns Skjinne Fryske Enerzjy (FSFE) has been officially presented on the 10th of November 2014 to the broader public. Deputies Hans Konst and Jan Willem van Beek of the Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse gemeenten (SVn) together launched the project at the pumping station in Lemmer in front ... Continue reading

Railway underpass Feanwâlden

Commissioned by De Centrale As a film and a time-lapse have been made of the construction of the railway underpass near Feanwâlden. The complicated job was successfully completed in a short time thanks to the good cooperation between ProRail, Max Bögl, the province Fryslân and subcontracters. Henk Blok ... Continue reading

Nicolien Vrisou van Eck has started at Triple Bridge

Nicolien Vrisou van Eck The team of Triple Bridge has been expanded with Nicolien Vrisou van Eck since the first of October. Nicolien is an experienced consultant and adviser in the infrastructure sector. She spend the last 12 years doing (incident)researches and audits for Horvat & Partners and giving advice to ... Continue reading

Cities’ multiple roads towards resilience

Many cities around the globe have the ambition to enhance liveability and increase their resilience against natural disasters such as flooding or drought. Several global initiatives have started to support cities in their ambitions, such as the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge and the UNISDR Resilient ... Continue reading

100% durable tunnel

‘A hundred percent durable tunnel is possible, if it has been reflected on it advance.’ says Prof. Marcel Hertogh, ‘because the construction of a durable tunnel is much more than paying attention to the energy consumption and choice of material.’ Together with ten experts Marcel prepared nine ... Continue reading

Mirjam Cauvern has started at Triple Bridge

Since the first of June Mirjam Cauvern is working for Triple Bridge. Mirjam is an experienced project manager and consultant in the field of large infrastructure projects. She was the last two years managing partner at Horvat & Partners and worked before that over 13 years as ... Continue reading

Overdue maintenance of infrastructure

What catastrophe stands before us if there is insufficient money for the necessary replacement of infrastructure? Are the Hollandse Brug and the lock near Eefde incidents or symptoms? Marcel Hertogh: ‘After the second World War we rebuild our country in quick pace, with a high in the ... Continue reading

24 hours of sharing knowledge online

‘I really like this kind of experiments.’ Solving apparent unsolvable infrastructural issues is something you may wake up Marcel Hertogh for. On the 13th of March he and five other participants of ProRail, Rijksgebouwendienst en Rijkswaterstaat started with a rather unique governmental experiment. Go figure: 24 hours ... Continue reading

Tools for climate adaptation

Implementing measures for climate adaptation in practice. How do you do it? On the 14th of February Jeroen Rijke obtained his doctorates degree on this thesis. Jeroen Rijke formulated, together with doctoral student Sebastiaan van Herk of the TU Delft, five instruments for the execution of a ... Continue reading

The T-shaped engineer

T-shaped professional Because of the growing amount of integral projects technical studies need to have a broader orientation. Read in the blog of prof. dr. ir. Marcel Hertogh in what way the TU Delft educates his students to become broad oriented engineers. Go to the blog ‘De T-vormige ingenieur’ (in ... Continue reading

PHD defense and network event

Jeroen Rijke, consultant at Triple Bridge, will defend his doctoral thesis, titleld ‘Deliviring change- Towards fit-for-purpose governance of adaptation to flooding and drought’ on the 14th of February 2014 at the TU Delft. A network event will follow directly after (14.00-16.30) for project/program managers, policymakers and scientists ... Continue reading

A world to win: there is enough space in the ground

A large part of the space is often forgotten when solving spatial and social problems: the ground. According to ground specialist Lidwien Besselink there is a whole world to win if we use the ground more cleverly. Actually, we should take the ground in account as an ... Continue reading

Deltaclip wins ECMA award 2013

Deltaclip international B.V. is the creator of the patented paper paperclip. The deltaclip is the eco-friendly alternative to the metal paperclip thanks to the much lower production costs, low CO2- and NOX-emissions during the production process and the fact that paper can be recycled more often than ... Continue reading

The T-shaped engineer and the revival of technology

Technology is working on a real revival. Essential for the success of the revaluation is the technician becoming T-shaped. Prof. dr. ir. Marcel Hertogh argues this on Friday 6 September during his inaugural speech as professor ‘Integral design and management’ at the TU Delft. The speech is ... Continue reading

Cooperating on made-to-measures actions

Flood protection for the four million inhabitants of the river areas. That is what the Dutch national program Ruimte voor de Rivier works on. An unique program, because the river areas become not only safer, but it simultaneously offers opportunities for spatial development. A radical program as ... Continue reading

Room for the river

The goals have been achieved, within budget and almost within time; not many governmental projects have such a score. And this is about a program of 34 projects and 2,3 billion euros. Ruimte voor de Rivier succeeded to touch the right nerve amongst those involved. ‘Municipalities had ... Continue reading

Playing with complexity

Management and Organisation of Large Infrastructure Projects, by Marcel Hertogh and Eddy Westerveld, dissertation, 2010. The realisation of large infrastructure projects is a complex task, which often leads to exceedance of costs, delays and discontent by stakeholders. The dissertation ‘Playing with complexity’ describes the establishment of six ... Continue reading

A new operational perspective for durable mobility

Part one in the series ‘Duurzame mobiliteit in stad en regio’, Gerard Alink (program), Daan van Egeraat (Theme leader self-determinism / demand management) and Marcel Hertogh (theme leader administrative processes), Transumo, 2009. Our mobility system is the reflection of an interaction between policy and various social trends ... Continue reading

Managing large infrastructure projects

Research on Best Practices and Lessons Learnt in Large Infrastructure Projects in Europe, by Marcel Hertogh, Stuart Baker, Pau Lian Staal and Eddy Westerveld, 2008. Europe has an ambitious infrastructure program. The European Commission has identified 30 transnational axes, across the whole of Europe. The total investment to ... Continue reading