Water and Subsoil

Flood protection and water supply are ever-growing challenges for the Netherlands. Collaboration between stakeholders is crucial. This also applies to finding innovative solutions for subsoil projects. Triple Bridge has the technical expertise, the experience and the network for successfully establishing these projects. This is what we are working on:

Tidal energy

To improve the quality of the water in the Grevelingen, a drain in the Brouwersdam is desired. Rijkswaterstaat, the provinces of Z Continue reading

Trial Run Water Zwolle

The Zwolle region is facing major challenges concerning water systems. It is not without reason that the IJssel-Vecht Delta is con Continue reading

Environmental remediation

In 2006, the province of Overijssel commenced with the environmental remediation of the industrial terrain of the former asphalt f Continue reading

Island of Dordrecht

The protection of the Island of Dordrecht against floods demands special attention because of the conjunction of sea and river inf Continue reading

Flevolands soil

With the document ‘Duurzaam Gebruik van de Flevolandse Ondergrond 2013-2017’ the province of Flevoland has determined Continue reading

Adaptive Delta Management

The Delta Programme works in the Netherlands to improve flood protection and freshwater supplies. Different strategies have been p Continue reading

Subsoil business models

The Ministry of Economic Affair’s ‘Soil Covenant’ states the necessity of mapping the gains and risks of an expanding utilit Continue reading

Fish Migration River Afsluitdijk

The Fish Migration River (FMR) has the purpose to divert the route of the migrating fish from an ecological barrier i.e. the Afslu Continue reading