Flevolands soil

Flevoland soil

With the document ‘Duurzaam Gebruik van de Flevolandse Ondergrond 2013-2017’ the province of Flevoland has determined her vision of the durable use of soil in Flevoland. She also describes the way in which she aims to improve the durable usage of the soil.

Based on the document an execution program has been drawn up that rests on two pillars: A conversation agenda and an execution agenda.

In the spring of 2015 Triple Bridge executed a halfway evaluation of the document. The results from the halfway evaluation and the new ‘Convenant Bodem en Ondergrond 2016-2020’ constituted for the province the reason to restructure the execution program.

Triple Bridge has leaded the process to draw up a restructured execution program ‘Duurzaam gebruik van de Flevolandse ondergrond’ that was proposed in 2016 to the County council and the Provincial council of the province Flevoland.

For more information, please contact Lidwien Besselink.