Electric Power Transmissions

Electric Power Transmissions

Nicolien Vrisou van Eck has been deployed as Project Leader Process Control at TenneT in the cluster Southwest 380 kV since early 2015. This is one of the largest projects currently being executed by TenneT, in which electric power transmission lines and their stations are constructed and older ones are replaced in the Southwest of the Netherlands. This is necessary for an increasing future transfer of electricity.

With 20,000 kilometres of electric power transmission lines and 36 million end users in the Netherlands and Germany, TenneT belongs to the top 5 largest electric power transporters in Europe.


Nicolien is responsible for maintaining the project. She manages the team Process Control and acts as a sparring partner for the cluster manager. She is also the point of contact for the Control Division.

Nicolien maintains contact with stakeholders and is responsible for risk and environment management.


An important point of interest while fulfilling this role, is to further develop and to implement the project control, including the accompanying instruments. Nicolien will pass on the developments and the lessons learned to the other clusters within TenneT.