How large projects can succeed

Marcel Hertogh Triple Bridge centraal Station Rotterdam Financieel Dagblad

On time and within the budget: it is not very often that there is positive news on a big infrastructure project. Yet the completion of the renovated Central Station of Rotterdam was reason for pride amongst Dutch engineers. The remarkable station finished earlier than planned, cost no more than the estimated budget of 650 million euros and received several prizes.

“Rotterdam Central shows how a big infrastructure project can succeed’, says Marcel Hertogh on a busy Friday afternoon during an excursion round the station. Large projects of this kind often go wrong. Marcel: ‘These are often very large and thrilling projects. The hundreds of millions go over the top, whilst essentially it is all about human factors.”

Read in the Financieel Dagblad why, according to Marcel Hertogh, the renovation of Rotterdam Central could be finished without exceeding the budget, but many other projects still can’t.