Deltaclip wins ECMA award 2013

Deltaclip international B.V. is the creator of the patented paper paperclip. The deltaclip is the eco-friendly alternative to the metal paperclip thanks to the much lower production costs, low CO2- and NOX-emissions during the production process and the fact that paper can be recycled more often than metal.

The European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) decided therefore to award the first price of the Most Innovative Pro Carton ECMA Award of 2013 to Deltaclip. ‘Made completely of carton the Deltaclip binds 15 pages in one easy move,’ says the jury. ‘The Deltaclip is a fine example of creative thinking and design. It works perfect and looks deceivingly easy.
Financial expert Lex Roukens supported Deltaclip in their search for investors so that the production of Deltaclips could be intensified.