A new operational perspective for durable mobility

Part one in the series ‘Duurzame mobiliteit in stad en regio’, Gerard Alink (program), Daan van Egeraat (Theme leader self-determinism / demand management) and Marcel Hertogh (theme leader administrative processes), Transumo, 2009.

Our mobility system is the reflection of an interaction between policy and various social trends and developments. This further complicates the road to a durable mobility system. This article discusses two perspectives that are defined as a theme within Transumo (TRANsition to SUstainable MObility): ‘Administrative processes’ and ‘Self-determinism / demand management’.

Cooperation is the magic word. By uniting all the stake holders through cooperation problems and solutions become negotiable and widely accepted. This paper describes the vision that underlies and the approach with several examples. It also draws conclusions and gives recommendations to local administrations serve as inspiration for future traffic and transport problems and changes in infrastructure.

Download the PDF: ‘Een nieuw handelingsperspectief voor duurzame mobiliteit’.