Aging of infrastructure

Bridges, viaducts and sluices age in three ways: in technical sense, when they reach the end of their service lives; in economic sense, when the maintenance costs become too high; and finally in functional sense, when they are overloaded. Aging also applies to the workforce in the civil engineering industry. New engineers and executive employees will have to be trained.

Marcel Hertogh notices a rise in students at the TU Delft, but more students are needed. The schooling budgets remain behind, however. Marcel: ‘’Unbelievable. With a decrease of the budget per student, campaigns like ‘Choose Technology’ are hardly useful.’’

Read in Vergrijzing infrastructuur opgave voor Nederland how Marcel Hertogh and Bert Boerman and Lindy Molenkamp of the province of Overijssel, plead for an increase in new technical staff and for the creation of innovative solutions for the replacement and renovation of works of art.