An efficient infrastructure is essential for the Dutch economy. The same applies to energy, for without energy everything comes to a halt. Climate change and the scarcity of space demand a different take on water resource management. Furthermore, activities in... Continue reading


Our activities vary from supervising a call for tender process for an infrastructural project; founding energy service companies (ESCo’s); organising a merger in the construction industry; analysing rising costs in a water project; setting up business cases for subsoil projects;... Continue reading

Project references

  • 15 May 2017

    Advising De Werkvennootschap

    Flanders is coping with huge mobility problems, as seen around Brussels and in Flemish Brabant. Therefore, the Flemish government has decided that all major mobility projects will be coordinated through one organization. To that... Continue reading


  • 20 June 2017

    Annual report AKEF published

    AKEF logo
    The Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund is a revolving fund of 45 million euros. It finances projects that induce a demonstrably significant CO2-reduction. Because of the positive results of 2016 the capital of the... Continue reading